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UPSHIFT është një program që ndihmon adoleshentët dhe të rinjtë të bëhen inovator dhe sipërmarrës social duke iu ofruar mësim nga eksperienca për të kuptuar sfidat e komunitetit. Të rinjtë do të mësojnë të dizenjojnë dhe ndërtojnë zgjidhje në formën e produkteve apo shërbimeve dhe do të angazhohen në udhëheqjen e sipërmarrjeve që mundësojnë këto projekte.

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Community service programmes for youth

As part of the UPSHIFT project, the Bregu Lumit Children’s Recreation Centre was inaugurated on 17 April 2021. Now children and youths from the local community can attend various dance courses. The project emerged as a proposal from five young people who had formed a group called ColorDance and highlighted the lack of activities in their community as their main concern.

During the event, the CEO of ICTSlab Ms. Esmeralda Shala said: I hope the ColorDance group will inspire you to follow in their footsteps.

Angela from ColorDance reflects: “Many issues exist in our society, but the two most concerning are the parental mindset and the economic challenges, which have placed young people in jeopardy. Because of narrow thinking, lack of resources and economic reliance, it has been difficult for young people to do something different.”

Another project is supporting the group Profive, founded by another five young people who were motivated to raise awareness among their peers in the UPSHIFT programme about the phenomenon of lack of involvement. They have set up a website where young people can be informed about the latest developments, teachers and parents can be educated, and where counselling is provided.

“Procrastination is common among today’s youth. We have proposed a remedy to this harmful situation by informing and advising not only young people, but also teachers and parents” stated Tea from the Profive group. began as an after-school project, but thanks to the invaluable three-day experience at UPSHIFT, it has evolved into a virtual area of information, therapy, and awareness for young people.

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